For decades, the attorneys at Stone & Graves , LLP have provided individuals and entities with advice and representation in a vast array of civil legal matters. We offer legal services ranging from lender representation, establishing business entities, business transactions, to complex multi-party litigation, trials and appeals in state and federal courts. The Firm’s practice emphasizes the following areas.

Business Litigation

Whether resolving legal matters through negotiations and handshakes to going to war in the trenches of litigation, Stone & Graves represents clients in all aspects of their business endeavors.

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Business Transactions

Whether you are starting a new business, selling an existing business or acquiring a new business, our Firm can be of help.

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Civil Litigation

Whether undertaking conflict avoidance, informal dispute resolution, litigation defense or aggressive prosecution of claims, the Firm protects and pursues its clients' interests resourcefully and vigorously.

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Employment Law

When assisting employers, we counsel on policies, practices and procedures concerning such issues as wages and hour requirements, discrimination, harassment, and independent contractor matters.

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Family Law

Our entire legal team takes great pride in the personal attention we give to every aspect of each client’s case, whether it involves anything from divorce negotiations to child custody litigation. Clients benefit from our extensive experience in California family law and dedication to seeking the most cost-effective method for achieving their goals.

Negotiation is often the first step in resolving a family law dispute. Mediation and collaborative law can also be used to reach divorce, property division, and child custody agreements. When agreement is not possible, we are prepared to effectively assert your rights in family court.
We are dedicated to protecting your family, your assets and your future. Some of the family law services the Firm offers are set forth below:

* Divorce, whether through divorce litigation or mediation or collaborative law

* Division of marital assets
* Child custody and visitation, preparation of custody agreements and revisions in move-away situations
* Child support orders, enforcement of orders for parents who are owed back child support, and defense in cases of child support arrears or unfair enforcement actions
* Spousal support (alimony)
* Modification of custody or support orders
* Domestic partnerships and the dissolution of registered domestic partnerships
* Domestic violence and restraining orders in cases of spousal abuse or child abuse
* Paternity testing and establishing parentage

Family Trusts

Our Firm assists clients with estate planning and the preparation of family trusts and related documents to eliminate the time and expense of probate proceedings.

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Personal Injury

Whether injured in an automobile or industrial accident, we evaluate and pursue compensation for our clients who find themselves physically and emotionally injured by others.

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Real Estate Litigation

Our Firm has a successful track record with respect to both defending and prosecuting lawsuits involving real property. 

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Real Estate Transactions

The Law Firm of Stone & Graves possesses a great deal of legal expertise respecting all types of real estate transactions. 

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